Klr.Fit HGH Extreme 90 tab/ 30 servings

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Brand - KLR.FIT


  • Boosts Athletic Ability & Reduce Stress
  • Boosts Natural Testosterone Production
  • Night-time Sleep Support
  • Uplifts Mood & Improves Motor Activity
  • Includes Pro-Androgen Complex

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary glands responsible for growth, recovery, energy and drive. Over 28,000 clinical studies across a 35-year period have documented HGH’s effectiveness in boosting vitality, increasing muscle mass, improving mood, memory, skin, hair and drastically lowering body fat. However, as you get older, your body produces a lot less HGH and begin to lose your youthful vigor and energy. That’s where HGH Extreme comes in. Powered by scientifically-backed ingredients, it boosts your body’s natural ability to produce HGH. HGH Extreme is a powerful clinically-tested formula that helps you boost your body’s natural production of Growth Hormone and Testosterone. Get ready to feel happier, healthier, stronger and younger than ever before.