Klr.Fit Neuro.Fit 40 cap/ 20 servings

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Brand - KLR.FIT

Enhance Memory

  • Support Focus & Mental Clarity
  • Improves Memory & Mood
  • Helps to reduce anxiety & stress
  • Resistance to fatigue and exertion


Support Focus & Mental Clarity, Improves Memory & Mood

Neuro.Fit is an advanced nutritional supplement that combines extensively researched nutrients that work synergistically to support proper nervous system function, mood balance, memory, focus, mental clarity. It reduces anxiety, stress, fatigue, and exertion.
Neuro.Fit contains Hypericum Perforatum – aerial parts standardized extract which improves mood and decreases nervousness and tiredness related to depression. Neuro.Fit is uniquely formulated with nutrients that maximize brain and memory function. Taking just 2 vegetable capsules of these highly effective capsules per day will support attention, learning, memory, as well as other cognitive functions. It contains Bacopa Whole Herb Extract which to treat memory and brain-related disorder for thousands of years and is used to treat a broad range of mind-related health concerns.
Neuro.Fit helps you to stay awake and alert when you need to be and get through your day with ease. Being mentally active is important for supporting a healthy lifestyle. That’s why our Neuro.Fit is complete with key nutrients to help support mental alertness.