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  • Brand - PVL
  • Item weight - 341 Grams
  • Unit count - 1.00 count
  • Item dimensions L x W x H - 8 x 6 x 4 centimeters

 About this item

  • COMPLETE 10 EAA FORMULA | EAAs (essential amino acids) are nine amino acids (including the three BCAAs and added L-Arginine) necessary for greater protein synthesis
  • MUSCLE GROWTH AND RECOVERY | Better than BCAAs alone, EAA + BCAA — the combination has been shown to be 50% better at delivering muscle protein synthesis vs BCAAs alone.
  • BETTER THAN BCAA ALONE | Get the missing amino acids in this easy-to-digest form—ones not included in your regular BCAA supplement. BCAAs get recovery started, but all EAAs need to be present for optimal muscle recovery effectiveness.
  • GREAT ABSORPTION | University studies show that by adding a 100% dose of BioPerine, amino acid uptake can be boosted by 25 to 32%. EAA+BCAA Complete contains a 100% full dose!
  • COMPLETE PERFORMANCE | B vitamins (energy), five key electrolytes (hydration/performance) and the Nootropic - Lion's Mane (focus), combine to create the most complete Amino Acid formula that exists today!